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Original Designs by

Marnie Moyle

T: 01635 281786


Cucumber sandwiches, delicious cakes piled high, a steaming pot of tea.

My substantial tables are perfect for breaking bread to share. Set up for afternoon tea - all scones and strawberry jam, BBQ - lavish picnics - salads, cheese boards and freshly baked breads - no matter your choice of fare, these tables are big enough to share.

Without a doubt tables are a focal point, be they in the kitchen or garden. They designs are original and sophisticated in their simplicity and intended to serve you long and well.

Traditional techniques are at every joint to withstand the rigours of everyday use. Solid timbers will alter and bear the load like a silent witness on daily life.

THE Table
Simple in style, sophisticated in design, solid and reliable. This beautiful table is a delight to use, share. It’s sculptural qualities make it a design classic. Inspired by the passing of time I will scribe your choice of wording around the outer rim for all the times to come. A perfect companion to the New Seat and Single Backed Bench.

Skinny has a big 'footsie' board that can be carved. Two inches taller than 'The Table' to give a different sensation whilst eating, it will aid digestion as one sits taller and straighter. All in all, it feels pleasingly different from sitting at a standard table and makes a new interesting dynamic in a room or garden.

Cafe Table
For those with restricted space or just seeking a more intimate dining experience, a table for flowers or just because... Ideally suited for cafes, restaurants and bars - why not have your specialities carved into the surface. Just scrub ‘em clean at the end of the working day!

All tables are by commission so please contact me by email: marnie@greenoakfurniture.co.uk or by telephone on 01635 281786