Estd 2000

Original Designs by:


I've always had a thing for an old rugged cross.
Cross Beware
Created to share or sit alone.  To talk on, daydream, read or sunbath/
Made to order and can be inscribed 2m long benches, 22" deep.
2m long 22" deep Three Backed Bench
I use oak that will contort and split. I like it that way.
 5" deep SHELVES. 2" Thick.  Made to commission
9.5" deep, 2" thick any  length.These handsome oak shelves are made from solid english grown oak in my tiny workshop.  They often sell quickly, yet please do not be put off as we can make more and all will be unique by the very nature of the material; maybe let me prioritise your order through our contact page.  Call me for something special.
Wider Shelves
Dog houses.  A brief wander....
*sale 3x Dog Houses
I adore the character of oak.  I love it more when it ages and the spirit and texture emerges.  The stories that can be imagined from its use and the simply pleasure of touching it.



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